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Wooden boat builder

Andrea Tesoriero’s boat yard produces wooden craft. It is the only boat yard on the island of Panarea.
At the yard − the brainchild of a dedicated young shipwright − wooden hulls are built with the skill of a true craftsman and with all the care and patience of an artist.
Tesoriero builds about three or four unique quality boats per year.

The ideal boat for the keen skipper, taken step by step through the various stages of construction until launching. Wood (a traditional and truly beautiful medium) re-acquires its harmony on the waves.
While the most innovative materials are used in the boat yard, traditional crafting techniques are adopted for the highest quality and for easier maintenance than can be achieved with classic hull planking.

The evocative sight of a boat semi-sunk in order to swell the wood is a thing of the (even remote) past. At the end of the summer, the boat is hauled ashore, where it may be kept (even in the open air) before re-launching during the following year.
The performance ratings of the wooden hulls, treated with the very latest types of coating, are equivalent to those of glassfibre hulls. The user-friendly, speedy craft − conserving the natural aromas of wood − are powered by non-polluting four-stroke engines. “Made in Panarea” means fully meeting the needs of a true connoisseur!

Boat building by order enables customers to choose more or less any colour they like, not to mention detail work and optionals.

The boat yard provides a full range of services for customers with a boat on the island.

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